From the Principal Advisor

Firstly, let me begin by saying that I am very proud that I have the opportunity to introduce HIM International School to the world.

At HIM, we not only teach; we empower our students. We do not train them; we equip students to stand tall in this constantly evolving world. We also lay emphasis on building values, nurturing talents and developing strong academics.

With all this and more, and our excellent faculty is ready to make HIM a centre par excellence. We look forward to enriching our school community with new families. I look forward to being the Principal Adviser of a school of excellence, and on behalf of the entire staff at HIM, we look forward to the opportunity to welcoming your child and family. Together, we can accomplish great success!

- Amitabh Mohan


Sending children to a residential school is one of the hardest decisions for parents to make.

A home is a child's first school. School is a child's second home.

Facilitating Learning .

Our classrooms, with a seating capacity of 25, are spacious and well-ventilated with ample natural

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3-D Laboratory has been set up to get live experience in the science and social science lessons.

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